Renters Insurance

renters-insuranceAt Duggal Insurance Associates, we want to ensure that our clients are sufficiently covered in all aspects of their lives—no matter where they live or what kind of car they drive. That’s why our team is committed to developing effective insurance strategies such as our comprehensive renters insurance.

Renters insurance acts as a homeowners insurance policy for those who rent, and works hard to help protect you and your personal assets. Having renters insurance can also help to mediate the cost of damages should anything happen to a rental property that you are living in.

Do not make the mistake of assuming your landlords home insurance will cover you and your assets. A landlord’s policy covers only the physical structure of the rental property—not your belongings. If the person who owns the building has renters insurance, they will be protected from costs to them should something happen to the building, but they are not responsible for insuring your belongings.

At Duggal Insurance Associates, we can protect your personal assets and belongings by securing a policy that is designed especially for tenants.